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Neeve, Issue 4 final cover by heymatt Neeve, Issue 4 final cover by heymatt
Final cover for issue 4.

Once I'd switched her from the dress back to her regular garb, and removed the stars, the symbolic aspects didn't hold up anymore. Basically I wondered why the hell Neeve was holding a bowl? No clue. The symbolic context just wasn't there in the same kind of strength, and the picture stopped making sense to me. I really wanted to keep the mucha-influenced frames, and I could have kept working on it, added a background, etc, but there just wasn't enough time left before my printing deadline to get the art up to scratch prior to MoCCA.

I decided to reuse that symbolic piece I did for the flyer design you've seen elsewhere in this gallery. It sliced in very quickly, has the symbolic power and visual contrast I wanted.

I know I'll revisit the earlier round of design for this at some future time, but I'll wait to use it until all the symbolic elements in the Knights of the Shroud cosmology will make sense.

Knights of the Shroud
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Bogamaz Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
if it aint broke, dont fix it. solid work
KytheraOA Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007  Professional General Artist
GODS I love this image. It's just got so much raw power and presence. LOVE IT!

Just a thought to add to the other one, as to why Neeve would be holding a bowl (and/or standing in a river). How about having her pour the water from the bowl ON to her bloodied swords, as if to wash them clean? You'd still have some of that symbolism there, but maybe in a more "realistic" context?

Something about that also strikes me as very "Washer at the Ford"-esque, too...
heymatt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
I hadn't heard the "washer at the ford" reference before. But that is awesome. Definitely fits. I like your suggestion. Thanks, Kyt!
KytheraOA Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007  Professional General Artist

You know the myth of the "Washer at the Ford," yes? It's an Irish legend, saying that a warrior who spied an old crone washing his bloodied clothes at the river was destined to die in battle. The Washer was one of the aspects of the Morrígan, the Celtic goddess of war. So that refference is a BIT of a stretch, but for some reason, I immediately associate Neeve with a variant on that image.
JKCarrier Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007   Digital Artist
I do hope you go back and play with that earlier design some more... there was some really interesting stuff going on there. But yeah, I can see how this works much better at this stage... Neeve being much more "Neeve-ish".

I like the zip-a-tone shading. Is that actual zip, or did you do it digitally?
heymatt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
Thanks. Yeah, I did this digitally. On her skin, I used the airbrush to get the blended tone. On her armor I used the lasso tool to make clean-cut edged areas for the 40% grey. I put a gradient in the background, and ran filter> pixelate> color halftone over the whole layer. I can't remember the dpi of the pic vs. the dot size of the filter, though. Maybe 300dpi with dots at 15? Something like that.

I think next time, I'll do the greys on different layers, and change the halftone angles a little bit from layer to layer, to bump up the similarity to actual zip.
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